I live in the northeast of Scotland and I am inspired by the rugged beauty of the surrounding countryside, the coast and hills.

The glancing winter sun and long summer days in the north make it a special place to chase the light.

Plein Air Studies

I am falling in love with painting outdoors, ‘en plein air’. Working outdoors and capturing the light and feel of a place, in the moment, is an engaging, and somewhat addictive, challenge. I have had some magical experiences painting outdoors.


“Snowy Owl”
8″x10″ Soft Pastels

Animals have always been a favourite subject for me. They are full of character and a huge variety of textures, shapes and sizes. It is such a delightful challenge to make them come to life on the page.



‘Blue Horse’ series

I was inspired by Eric Carle’s picture book “The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse” to create a series of animals of unusual colour.




Of course, pets are part of the family too. From the familiar dogs and cats to the more exotic furred, feathered and scaley companions.

Coloured Pencil